In the style of old masters


International master Vladimir Barsky prepared a review of the eighth round of the world championship among juniors. In the Brilliant match was won by the young Russian grandmaster Mikhail Antipov: first sacrificed a pawn for the initiative, then the initiative artfully turned into an irresistible attack.

Antipov. Van Forest

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.d3 Bc5 5.0–0 0-0 6.c3 d5 7.exd5 Nxd5 8.b4 Be7 9.b5 Na5 10.Bxd5 Qxd5 11.c4 Qd7

Played quite popular in recent variant of the Italian party. The meaning of the last Black’s move to leave the square free to d8 Rook or Bishop. But retreating the Queen, of course, and on other cells, for example: 11…Qd8 12.Bd2 e4 13.Bxa5 exf3 14.Qxf3 a6 15.a4 axb5 16.axb5 Qd7 17.Bc3 Rxa1 18.Bxa1 Rd8 19.Qg3 f6 20.d4 with a preponderance of White, Jobava – Almasi, Bergamo 2014.



This natural move turns out to be a novelty. It is clear that to beat on E5 cannot because of 12…Qd4, but in this position amicably went 12.Bd2 and got back 12…e4. For example: 13.Bxa5 exf3 14.Qxf3 a6 15.bxa6 (15.a4 axb5 16.axb5 Rd8 17.Rd1 Bb4) 15…Rxa6 16.Bc3 b5 with mutual chances, Yudin – Vallejo, Dubai 2014.

12…f6 13.Nd5 Bd8 14.Ba3 Re8 15.Rc1 a6

In the case of 15…c6 16.bxc6 bxc6 17.Nc3 Bb6 18.Qe2 Black, of course, expel the enemy Knight from the center, but their own knight to A5 out of business.


Bold play: White is willing to part with a pawn, if only to keep the knight on d5.


The alternative 16…c6 17.Ne3 Bxb6, but after 18.c5 Bc7 19.Qa4 Knight A5 feels uncomfortable.

17.Nd2 f5 18.f4



In this critical opening positions Black has a lot of interesting possibilities, for example:

1) 18…exf4 19.Qf3 b5 20.Rce1;

2) 18…Nc6 19.fxe5 Nxe5 20.Qb3;

3) 18…b5 19.fxe5 bxc4 20.Bd6.

According to first estimates, White is everywhere sufficient compensation for the pawn, but the position of the obtained complex.

19.Re1 b5

I like it 19…exd3 20.Qh5 Re2 21.Rxe2 dxe2 22.Qxe2 Qf7 23.Nf3 Nc6, and Black had noticeably improved their figures.

20.dxe4 fxe4?

The decisive error. Black just had to take care of the development of his Queenside and play 20…Qf7, freeing the way your Bishop C8. It is further possible: 21.Ne3 (21.Qf3 Nxc4; 21.cxb5 axb5 22.Bd6) 21…fxe4 22.Nxe4 Bb6 23.Ng5 Rxe3 24.c5 Rxe1+ 25.Qxe1 Qg6 26.cxb6 Nc4 27.Bf5 Qe7 with mutual chances.

21.Nxe4 Nxc4 22.Qh5!

All the White pieces took the shock position.

22 Re6..

If 22…g6 23.Qh6 Qg7 24.Nef6+.


23.f5 Qxd5

23…Re5 ends the fight 24.Nd6 Rxe1+ 25.Rxe1 Nxd6 26.Bxd6. Have to make a sacrifice of a Knight, but the first “gift” is not the last!

24.Ng5! Bxg5 25.Qe8+! Rxe8 26.Rxe8+ Kf7 27.Rf8#. Spectacular ending!

Bajarani – J.-K. Duda


In a completely different vein, there was the fight at the first table. In the middlegame Black “a little bit” outplayed the opponent and got in the end ending with an extra pawn. However, to realize it was extremely difficult, because on the Board, we had very little material. But Black’s chances of winning were quite real.

After 84…h4! 85.Rf4 Re5+ 86.Kd2 (86.Kf2 Re4) 86…Rd5 87.Ke3 Ne6 88.Rf1 before Ng5 White has a difficult task. However, Duda played differently.

84…Kg5? 85.h4+!

Azerbaijani grandmaster such “kicks” fails – at least remember his party with Karen Grigoryan. The Black King is forced to retreat, and the position is adjusted.

85…Kh6 86.Rd2 Re5+ 87.Kf2 Re4 88.Kg3 Kg6 89.Re3 Ra2+ 90.Kf2 Re6 91.F4 Ra8 92.Rg8+ Kf6 93.Bxh5 Rc6 Draw.


Shardul – N. Abasov


The opponents played a sharp line of the Vienna option Queen-type gambit. Just brought the Black Bishop on f5 – this move was first used by Vladimir Kramnik in the game against Levon Aronian at tal Memorial 2010 in Moscow. Here Indian chess player bravely took the pawn on d5, although known for five years that she was “poisoned”.

18.Qxd5? Rfc8 19.Be2 Rc1+ 20.Bc2 Bd1 21.Ke2 Rc8 22.Be7

22.Re1 should be 22…Rc5! Black important to give your Queen a square C4. It is further possible: 23.Qd8+ Kh7 24.Bxc2+ R5xc2+ 25.Kf1 Qc4+ 26.Kg1 Re2!, and Black wins.


A miscalculation, followed immediately open the “second front” on the Kingside: 22…Qg4! 23.Rf1 Qxg2 (good and 23…Be4!?) 24.Qd7 Rc7 25.Qd8+ Kh7 26.Qd4, and here, the easiest way won 26…Qxf1+ 27.Kxf1 Rxd1+ with a decisive material advantage.

23.Rxd1 R8c2+ 24.Nd2?

Return the favor. To draw led 24.Rd2 and 24.Ke1 Rxd1+ 25.Qxd1 Qc4 26.Nd2 Qc3 27.Ke2.


24…Qg4+! 25.Qf3 Qc4+ 26.Ke1 Qd3 27.Qe2 Qc3! White resigned.

In the girls tournament first half point lost Zhansaya Abdumalik from Kazakhstan: its party with compatriot Dinara Sadvakasova proceeded in a very tense but equal struggle and naturally ended in a draw. And Ukrainian woman Natalia Bush won and slightly reduced the gap from the leader – up to a point.


Buksa – A.-K. Navrotsky


In the acute position is weak on both sides of the Black Kings made one, yawn.

34…Bd6?? 35.Nc6+! Black resigned.

  1. Bivol – P. Paredes

The Fig-8

When the square of view Alina Bivol hits the enemy King, she becomes unstoppable!

26.Bg5! Re8 27.Bf6+ Kg8 28.Bf1! Bxf6 29.Qxf6 Qf7 30.Bc4! Black resigned (30…Qxc4 31.Rd7).