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Karina Ivanova, sensationally won yesterday the favourite of the girls championship Madina Ward Aulia, now tied with the representative of India Boddey Pratuchai. Sister Drogovoz played with varying degrees of success: Irina defeated Indian chess player of Monico Konnan, and Maria lost to Irina Otazky. In another Russian opposition Alina Bivol won the against Lea Garifullina. Vlad Sviridov dealt with Belarusian chessmaster Mary Wasaway. Anastasia Sazonova lost Dinard Saduakasov from Kazakhstan. Zalina Linger beat the German Filiz Osmanaga. Paired Makarenko — Barber, won the Russian chess player. Marta Voskresenskaya defeated the opponent from Azerbaijan Aytan Hamraev.

In the open tournament Russian chess players played with different results. Mikhail Antipov defeated the Lithuanian Thomas Lauras. Dmitry Gordievsky defeated the Vietnamese Tran Tuan Mincha. A tie result, the meeting ended Goryachkin-Comcar. Daniel Uffa won the second match in a row. Maxim Chyhayev tied with Mongolic Sumiya Bilhan. Dmitry Chumak lost to the Ukrainian Egor Bogdanov. Timur Sabirov lost Serikbay Chingiz of Kazakhstan. Mikhail Popov won against Amina Mohammed El Fusari from Morocco.

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